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Our Subjective Dance Club

The Subjective Dance Club is a club for individual dancers, as well as, other teams, crews, and companies. We’re building a network to provide more opportunities and training to dancers. Currently we have one branch, SDCVA, focused on uniting and raising awareness of the dance community of the Greater Richmond Region of Virginia and surrounding areas.

Club Members are referred to as the SDAnimals and consist of a large number of talented individual dancers, as well as, business owners creating outlets for dancers in and around their respective communities.

Subjective Dance Company

The Subjective Dance Company is also known as the Subjective Dance Club or SDC for short. SDC is based in Richmond, Virginia and owned by Coach Gregg D. Whitlock Jr (@PapiiBDS) and The BDS Company, BigBsBDS, Inc. SDC focuses on Hip-Hop dance but incorporates dancers of all dance styles with a hunger to be great and/or battle others. We are here to uplift performers through knowledge, precision, fitness, fun, and technique. We aspire to inspire while bridging the gap between stage and street dancing. 

Joining a SDC Branch

Dancers, a.k.a. SDAnimals are expected to join the club ready to represent and be open to express and share their previous training experience, natural talents, and/or desire to learn from and encourage their peers. No exceptions. Dancers should expect to learn various core Hip-Hop dance styles and information during their membership and/or expect to build long lasting relationships through networking with like-minded individuals. Everyone is welcome, but only the focused will survive. Individual dancers that are already members of dance teams are encouraged to join the Subjective Dance Club with the freedom to represent their individual dance team, squad, studio, hometown, area code, style, etc. The goals are to learn, have fun, grow, and explore the competitive Hip-Hop dance world. Think of this club as both a family and a growing dance network. See SDAnimals page for audition requirements.

Subjective Dancing

Is a term and style created by Hip-Hop dancer, choreographer, creative director, teacher, and coach Gregg “PapiiBDS” Whitlock. Subjective Dance refers to an adept dancer using his/her personal skills and musicality to express their interpretations, emotions, and feelings when catching lyrics, beats, and off beats in music. The art form is expressed through choreography and freestyles with skillful and technical dance movements, reflects the dramatic changes in the intensity vs. subtleness of the music playing, and paints pictures for the viewing audience. See Subjective Dance Definitions.

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Subjective Dance Definitions

Subjective Dance (noun):

A 'True School' dance style merging stage and street technicality and musicality skills.

Subjective Dancing (verb):

  1. Painting a visual picture for an audience through a mixture of technical dance movements
  2. Dancing to catch beats, off beats, and key lyrics in music while exhibiting a high I.Q. of musicality and strengths in one or more dance style(s)
  3. Using a Hip-Hop based dance style when dancing to music not of Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Funk, or R&B origin and successfully reflecting beats, off beats, and key lyrics clearly through movement

Our Departments

Subjective Dance Company Development Program

SDCDP provides the opportunities and training for the SDAnimals and surrounding dance community.


SDAnimals are the dancers that perform for and/or represent the Subjective Dance Company.

Our Branches

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