The SDAnimals are the dancers that perform for and/or represent the Subjective Dance Company/Club. The SDAnimals is open to all ages and consists of dancers of various styles, affiliations, and backgrounds. 

Some are business owners, some are looking to be a part of a team/family, some are on an individual journey to greatness. All for the love of dance.

SDLions: Ages 18 - up

SDTigers: Ages 11 - 17

SDBears: Ages 10 and under

Membership Requirements:

Guardian required for registration of ages 17 and under. 

Must be talented, teachable, and motivated 

Complete Registration Packet 

Complete Auditions 


Audition Options: 

Option A: Dance solo for "2 Minutes" (120-seconds) to exhibit skill level and personal style(s). 

Option B: Learn and Perform an official SDC dance routine.

Types of Memberships

1. Active: $25/month
Receive information and full access to all workshops, trips, and events promoted by SDC and/or our mother company, Bigbsbds, Inc. Anything SDC is hosting, you are ‘hosting’ because you are an active member of an SDC branch. This usually means free entry but additional fees may apply. 

2. Non-Active: $0/month
Receive information to select SDC activities and events with the ability to pay necessary fees to participate in anything you choose. You are a part of the family, but not currently ‘hands on’ with any SDC branch. You do have freedom to offer help at any time and attend private crew rehearsals, if a member of an official SDAnimals crew. 

3. Affiliated: $0/month
Receive information to SDC activities and events that pertain to an organization, group, team, or crew that is a part of the Subjective Dance Club. You must be one of their members and it is not a guarantee that they will pass on every opportunity we send.

BUSINESS OWNERS are also considered affiliated members unless completing an official SDC member audition. Business owners are recognized when their company provides continuous opportunities and platforms for dancers within the area of an active SDC branch.

Check This Out

SDAnimals Aero & X-Glide perform a tribute show live for Les Twins during the May 2018 Baltimore Workshop.

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